Famous Data

There are many interesting quotes one can use to draw attention. We like this one: "Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half”. It captures perfectly the the need for knowledge of what works in order to really drive business forward. 

At FamousGrey we do like to know what we’re doing, so we take this quote pretty seriously. We have dedicated data analysts to dive into the figures of the sector, the content, the (paid, owned and earned) media and the platforms our clients use. Not because this data makes nice charts, but because it is needed to make proper recommendations on how to improve ROI of current and upcoming marketing initiatives. 

We believe recommendations are nothing until they are put to action. We implement, measure, test and optimize until maximal effectiveness is reached

What we do.

We like to get our hands dirty and help determine what data to use and what conclusions should be made. To fully use the big potential Big Data offers. In a rather big nutshell, this covers Web analytics, Customer segmentation, Conversion rate optimisation, KPI Dashboarding, Social Media measurement, SEO, SEA, A/B testing, Remarketing and Data visualization.


Why you should be doing it too.

We all want to improve the ROI of our marketing efforts and there is data available showing exactly what can be improved. It all comes down to making full use of it. Reaching your marketing target isn’t only about reaching as many people as possible, it is also about converting these people into visitors, customers and fans. 

We would love to convert your visit into a customer… and ultimately into a fan.

Interested in finding out more? Talk to your FamousGrey contact or email arnout.everaert@famousgrey.com