Persuasion Designer (UX)

We are looking for a Persuasion Designer. Somebody to help us designing an online customer journey with maximum persuasion power!



  • Understanding of psychological persuasion, behaviour economics, behaviour design theory, principles and methods.
  • Knowledge of UX design principles and methodology


  • Ability to gather and analyse functional requirements,  technical requirements, brand requirements, product specifications etc. regarding the to be designed online customer journeys
  • Ability to compose a persuasion strategy based on science and customer insights
  • Ability to design online customer journeys based on science and customer insights,
  • Ability to make convincing, visual presentations for our clients, to explain the rationale behind the design.
  • Ability to do expert reviews of persuasion power 
  • Ability to write persuasive copy
  • Ability to design and propose improvements as part of a data driven optimization program


  • Experience in e-commerce, internet, CRM, advertising, ...

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