Champions League.

2BE surprises the audience with programs full of action and humor (Wat Als?, Benidorm Bastards, M!lf, Foute Vrienden, Crimi Clowns, Champions League, Game of Thrones, House MD, Big Bang Theory and Expidition Robinson).

Having guts and not taking themselves too seriously are two elements that set them aside from other television stations.This needs to be reflected in the tone of voice for the communications. They are edgy, fun, amusing, surprising and they tease. 

What we did.

The briefing was simple: make people watch the Champions League on 2BE. We created different print and radio commercials, all referring to the different matches that were on, from 1/8th final to the final. Each of them being slightly 'off the hook'. The radio commercial for the final being the perfect example where we refer to Canvas.