Winning the War for Talent.

Only the best recruit the best. And so when we got the call from ASCO Industries to help attract more of those juicy young engineering graduates, we first set our sights on ASCO’s own corporate image. And as it turns out, one good turn deserved another. 


ASCO Industries is a world leader in its field. Renowned for delivering precision exactly where it counts. To maintain that reputation and market leadership, they came to us to help get more of their share of the job market, with their sights set on the cream of civil and industrial engineering graduates.

What we did.

That’s all very well. But any decent HR campaign has to be backed up by the right corporate image and communication materials. And to be frank, ASCO’s website just wasn’t cutting it. 

So, step 1: create a website that reflected the international focus, leadership and values of the company. 

Step 2: develop a comprehensive jobs section and search engine. 

Step 3: integrate a content management system so ASCO can update the most critical info without outside help. 

Step 4: hit the job fairs with significantly more credibility and power of attraction.

What we got.

ASCO Industries now have a website well and truly worthy of a big, international player. One capable of attracting and retaining the best new recruits and most attractive profiles for its diverse activities. Job well done!