Together we go further

The Olympic Games in Rio might still be 2 years away, but Belgium’s top athletes are already training their hearts out, day in, day out, in the hope of achieving glory. It’s a long, tough road, and if they’re going to make it, they’re going to need the support of every single person around them.

And so, to help get the whole country behind Team Belgium, we did some pretty intense mental training ourselves. And we did not rest until we came up with a campaign that was worth gold.

What we did., the new website gives people a direct window into the lives of our top athletes. Visitors and fans can follow every member of Team Belgium as they prepare to chase their Olympic dreams in Rio 2016.

To get the message out there, 4 members of Team Belgium featured in a series of radio ads and print advertisements: long jumper, Nafi Thiam, gymnast, Laura Waem in the form of 2 print advertisements and swimmer, Louis Croenen and Hockeyplayer, Simon Gougnard, for the accompanying radio ads.

The four can be seen or heard at the start and finish of their performance, together with the whole entourage of trainers, physiotherapists, family and supports in between; the people who in the end can make the difference between winning and losing.