Not for currywursts. Even when they’re special.

De Lijn launched a loyalty plan for 18 plussers who prefer to pay the bus fare with an sms-ticket. When you register as a loyal sms’er on the site you receive every 11th sms-ticket for free.

To communicate this free sms-ticket loyalty plan to our target group who prefer to pay by sms, we didn’t use radio- or TV spots. But ... *** drumroll*** ... we invented the sms-spot! The sms-spot is a short, funny story that explains what the loyalty program is about and how you could become a loyal sms’er. 

To get a sms-spot we reached our young public travelers where it mattered most: inside the bus or tram, and at the busstops.

  • 2800 Already 2800 youngsters registered and the sales of currywursts remained unchanged.