More for less

Batman & … Tom & … Bert & … Han Solo & … Mario & … Beauty & … Miss Piggy & …

We bet you can fill in the blanks without opening your internet browser. Or without looking at the bottom of this page. Or even better, that you can name a golden duo which is not yet on this list. Because we’ve a feeling that there’s never enough golden duos, best friends or famous pairs.

With the birth of More & Less, a brand new - but already epic - famous duo, ENGIE Electrabel wants to emphasize their role in customers lives. Offer even more services for less costs. Provide more green energy and make people consume less. Realize more innovations to waste less energy. We bet you can sum up some other valuable reasons to complete this list as well. You’re allowed to open your internet browser for this one.

Just keep in mind that, thanks to arrival of More & Less, two highly-motivated representatives from ENGIE Electrabel are there to fight each day for our mission: continuously work on solutions, innovations and services to optimize your energy.

You’ll see them shining in their new debut campaign on tv, radio, billboards and online, promoting the solar panel offer of ENGIE Electrabel. Discover more about them at: or

Special thanks to Creative Conspiracy for the animation and the wonderful character crafting of More & Less.


P.S.: The correct answers are Batman & Robin, Tom & Jerry, Bert & Ernie, Han Solo & Chewbacca, Mario & Luigi, Miss Piggy & Kermit!