A frisky brothel for cats.

Together with animal right's organisation GAIA we opened the world's first cat brothel. The 'Hot Pussy' is situated next to Brussel's red light district and is open from dusk till dawn.

The brothel is part of larger campaign with as main focus the put some pressure on the Belgian government to pass a law forcing cat sterilization. This is the first step in stopping the over population of cats, every year 35.000 kittens are dumped in shelters and after only a few days more than 10.000 are euthanasized.

The Hot Pussy.

The 'Hot Pussy' is a virtual brothel beamed on the side of hotel next to Brussel's (in)famous red light district. In the streets surrounding the brothel we also placed neon signs showing the way towards the 

A virtual red light district.

Online we created a virtual red cat ditrict. You can experience the red cat district as if you where walking in a dark street filled with horny kittens. 

Hint: turn on the volume and make sure your cat is not in the room.


And if your cat needs a video to get in the mood...