La Fille d'O website.

La Fille d’O managed a website, a blog, a Facebook page, a twitter account and a thumblr. The challenge was to link all channels together and to lower the content updating work for La Fille d’O. 

What we did.

We built a website which integrates the existing shop and all the existing needed “info” pages on one hand and an “explore” section on the other hand. The explore section is actually a tumblr based blog on which La Fille d’O posts all content she finds relevant to share with here customers or prospects. It also enables her to push certain content to her Facebook page or twitterfeed. This enables La Fille d’O to manage all channels via one tool. 

Nowadays, the blog contains a mixture of inspiration, image, branding, user generated (through the Obscura App) and product material all gathered in a large never-ending website.