Giving the gift of life.

Sperm and egg-cell donors don’t exactly enjoy the best image in the public eye. And yet, what they do is quite a beautiful thing: to give the gift of life. So to counter falling donor numbers and help meet rising demand, a league of Belgian hospitals joined forces with Famous to launch a new initiative: and


Anonymous sperm donation is something of a taboo subject in Belgium, one broken only by a regular spate of altogether negative coverage in the press. But if you ask us, the poor public perception of sperm donors is entirely unjustified. For it is through their generosity that thousands of couples are given the chance to create new life every year. And that is something that deserves to be put in the spotlight.

What we did.

That's why we went about putting sperm donors in an entirely different light via the newly created platform and Here, visitors can read and listen to a selection of personal messages from anonymous donors addressed to future donor children. And see for themselves the principle motivation behind anonymous sperm donation: the giving of new life.

We redesigned the messages into a series of typographic posters to inform potential sperm donors and to inspire them as well.