Emotions are the same in any language.

The 116 000 is the European missing children hotline number reserved by the European Commission. Through this number, parents faced with a child disappearance in their country or in another European country, will increasingly have access to the life saving support they need, as the number is connected to the national organisation, specialised in dealing with these cases.


To put the 116 000 number in the spotlight, Missing Children Europe launches a moving radio campaign. The radio spots highlight different situations and reasons why people call the hotline.

We hear a German mother who lost her child in a big crowded place, a Spanish dad who breaks down when he realises his wife probably left the country with their daughter, and finally an English girl who is terrified to go back home. In all the conversion we clearly recognise the emotions even if we don’t understand the language.

You don't need to understand the words to capture the emotions behind them, they are the same no matter what language you speak. The same goes for the 116000 Hotline number. One number you can call no matter where you live or what language you speak.

The campaign.