In Belgium alone, thousands of children go missing each year. Publishing pictures of them proves to be the most efficient way to find them back. The never-ending challenge is where to put these pictures. With, we wanted to broadcast pictures on large scale by using a regularly viewed but totally useless space: the 404 pages.

What we did.

In order to properly realize this, we needed support of as much websites as possible. We contacted the most important Belgian media and websites, invited them to integrate a simple code in their website. That way, a missing child picture appears automatically on their 404 pages.

What we got.

NotFound showed that everybody can help and that this solidarity is the most important tool in finding back missing children. Most importantly, it got other organizations thinking about ways to find back missing children and gave tools so they could be found back. It opened discussions between different organizations and engaged all media and people.

Missing Children Europe received a lot of requests from other countries to develop the project. Just a month after the Belgian launch, was launched in Italy, France, Cyprus, Spain, UK and Greece. The project ale made possible the installation of the Missing Children Europe on a local level and their phone number 116.000

  • 36M

    Twitter users reached

  • 13,3M

    missing children pages shown

  • 4,4M

    USD generated media value