SOS Securitas Online Safety.

If you don’t follow some basic rules, social media can become a real threat for your own security. And when you say security, you say Securitas.

Everybody knows Securitas in a business-to-business context: security at companies, public buildings, events, etc. But few are aware of the fact that Securitas also offers prevention services for people at home. Despite being it a growing market.


A lot of people these days, use social media to ‘check-in’. They go to a party, their job, a friend, a holiday location, a football game,… and they check-in. No problem with that, right? However, by simple laws of physics: if you’re there, you cannot be here. Right?

So if you share where you are, you also share where you’re not. If you’re at a party, you’re not a home. If you’re on a beach in Barcelona, you’re not in your apartment in Brussels. And on a social media, everybody reads along. Also people with less good intentions.

What we did.

What better way to point that out to people and talk them about home security, than via those social media? So we developed a piece of software which replies with a tweet to users who shared their location on Twitter. This tweet came from a fictional burglar which “checked out” some valuable belongings out of that user his home.

For sure there was a shock effect. You check-in, and suddenly you are aware of the fact that you shared with the world that your house was unguarded.

The tweet didn’t contain a commercial message. The campaign didn’t have a sales objective. But we wanted to use the vehicle talk about personal home security, and the challenges we face in this changing world.

What we got.

In a few days, we replied to 2.000 people, of which almost all went to the informative website.

The explanatory video that was on that site, got shared on Facebook, which gave us our reach. But the broadest reach came as a result of the press coverage we got, on radio, newspapers and online.

Radio 1, MNM,  RTBF-La Deux, RTBF-La Une, RTL TV1, Het Laatste Nieuws, La Dernière Heure,,,, …