Fries for everyone.

Vandemoortele is market leader in the cooking oil sector but it is under pressure from private labels. The brand itself is trustworthy, stands for quality and expertise and wants to invest in an emotional connections with younger targetgroups. 

Vandemoortele wanted to add more emotion to its brand, increase brand awareness and increase sales for its specific 'anti baking odor cooking oil'.

We needed to continue working with the central idea 'That deserves a french fry' and the French fry mobile had to be the incentive to win.


French fries aren't French. They are the Belgian's national pride. You wouldn't tell, but there are some villages who do not have a traditional 'fish and chips stand' (forget the fish, we're in Belgium). This is unbelievable for the land of the fries.

This insight was used not only to create an action that would draw customers' attention, but also would move people to do something for a good cause: the fries. The ultimate goal was to get people to think: Belgium means fries. Fries means Vandemoortele. This should result in increase of sales of Vandemoortele cooking oil.

What we did.

We launched the campaign 'Each Village deserves a French fry'. Through bannering, social media and radio, we asked people to pinpoint their village without Frency fry stand on a Belgian map. This could be done on the mini site and 

The villages with the most votes would win a visit by Vandemoortele French fry Mobile with fries and a free bottle of their famous 'anti baking odor cooking oil' for each of their inhabitants. The idea that there were actually still villages without fish and chips stand caused quite some disbelief. The action generated massive press attention and participation of people who lived in these unfortunate villages. They asked people to vote for them via social media, posturing and even got press coverage with their original actions to get votes. Buzz ensured.

  • 1.626 villages participated
  • 120K people visited the site
  • 100K euro of generated media space